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AXE Throwing



$25 per person per hour. 6 person max per lane.

Walk ins welcome.

Axe Throwing Safety Rules

All participants must sign a waiver and attend our mandatory safety briefing. Minimum age is to participate is 12 with legal guardian.
All participants must have closed toe shoes.
Only one thrower per target is allowed inside the fenced Axe Throwing Arena. Participants must throw from behind designated throwing line.
Observing guests must stay behind off the black mats and keep hands off fence.

Do not hand an axe to another participant.
Between each player Axe must be returned to Axe caddie.

Participants must grip their Axes by the handle only. NO underhand throws

Anyone, who in the sole judgement of the staff of Brentwood Emporium, that is impaired in anyway or for any reason is judged as not being able to safely

throw axes will not be allowed to participate.
Any participant not complying with these Safety Rules or participating in

horseplay of any kind will not be allowed to continue to participate in that event/match and it will be marked as a loss. No refunds will be given for

participants removed from a match or axe throwing event.

Each match will consist of a Best of Three Series
Players decide how they want to switch out
Time begins at conclusion of safety briefing
If score is tied at the end of regulation play, each player

will throw the axe one time and highest throw wins. The extra throws will go on till a winner is determined



Red (Bullseye) = 5





Axe Throwing Waiver

Please fill out the following form
in order to participate in our activity.

Have you read the waiver & do you understand the waiver?
Are you 18+ years old? If not you need a legal guardian to sign you in.

Thanks for submitting!

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